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How has Covid-19 / Coronavirus affected how Estate Agencies operate?

The world seemed a lot simpler in 2019 - then came 2020 and the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic. For customers and staff of estate agencies, to buy a house or a flat or finding a house or flat to rent was easier. To an extent, it still is - but now with more guidelines for helping deal with the present times.

Whilst we can't speak for all estate agencies, we can certainly tell you the measures we have in place at Ashley Martin & Co and assume that others are as compliant as ourselves during this Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic time.

How has the Covid-19 / Coronavirus changed what happens in your office?

As you may or may not have seen - in the office at Ashley Martin & Co, we have made changes to ensure we are more 'Covid-19 Compliant'. The introduction of clear screens on desks to help protect customers and staff, hand sanitizer for staff and customer use, the locking of external doors, a limitation on the number of people in the office via appointments only, as well as social distancing floor markings are the clear signals of new measures brought in.

As well as this, we also have rules about customers having to wear a face mask before entering the office. If a customer comes in the office and feels uncomfortable about the agent not wearing one as well - even with the measures in place - we can wear one as well. (We do ensure the face masks are worn correctly covering both nose and mouth).

NOTE: If you do not have a face mask upon entry, you will be offered one. We have seen customers delaying entering the Ashley Martin & Co office and waiting on a mask to be bought for them to come in. If you want to come in, but don't have a face mask, just ask us And see if an appointment is available.

Whilst we are trying to limit the number of people in the office at one go, we are happy to say that we have been able to do so successfully without providing a disruption to our internal business services as normal. Be assured that Ashley Martin & Co is running as normal in terms of services and responding during opening hours throughout the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic.

What changes have been made for out of office interactions such as property viewings and property valuations because of the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic?

As the world is continually being told to stay at home as that is an environment that they can control - the outer world is not. Looking to protect all of our safety during this time of the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic - Ashley Martin & Co have put further measures in place in accordance to government advice, as well as that of landlords and vendors.

When organising a property viewing or a property valuation, if the accommodation already has people living there (previous occupants or tenants), we will call ahead of any of our appointments to find a time when the property will be least occupied so any prospective new tenants or buyers can see the property. This is also done so that we can maximise social distancing rules whilst we are in the property during the appointment.

Ashley Martin & Co can also fairly request that before the property viewing or property valuation that windows in rooms be opened to allow fresh air inside. Whether a small window, large window or all of the windows - they all allow fresh air into the property, thus making it less easy for any potential viruses to spread.

There are limitations on how many people can enter a property at one time. We ensure all property viewings are accompanied. We request all people attending the viewing from the prospective side of the negotiation wear face masks when entering the property.

Any further compliances requested by the vendor, landlord or existing tenants are also respected too. This may be the number of people in the property at one time, the wearing of gloves or other PPE equipment, the sanitisation of hands, removal of shoes or others. All is done to satisfy and protect all parties during the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic.

In summary

With these extra measures in place, as well as estate agency being declared an 'essential business' during the November 2020 lockdown period - we are proud to say we are still open for business as usual on weekdays, with Saturdays being the only morning the office is closed outside of the normal hours during the lockdown.

Ashley Martin & Co are very generous for your business and your patience throughout the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic and hope you all continue to stay safe.

For any questions or enquiries - please contact our office on 020 8381 1883, or email us at


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